Teaching Objective

  • To cultivate children’s self-discipline, independence, and moral values, in order to establish of a solid foundation for life-long learning;

  • To ensure continuous motivation and interest for children to learn and to actively take initiative through our school-based curriculum and learning activities that are strategically structured;

  • To promote and develop potential of young children so they will enjoy satisfaction and success in the learning process;  

  • To inspire and nurture young children’s ability to learn, think, imagine, and be creative by allowing them to explore and discover possibilities;

  • To promote young children’s physical fitness and interest in participating in physical activities, and to guide them to develop positive values and attitudes to foster good living habits;  

  • To enhance young children’s social development of living and learning amongst their peers as well as respecting and accepting others, thereby enriching interpersonal interaction and emotional development; and

  • To provide support for children’s adjustment to primary school entrance through practical structured with structured guidance and scaffolds.

Our Program

We take pride in educating students in accordance with their aptitude, matching the differences in children's intelligences and paying attention to their interests, so that every child may obtain educational benefits most suitable for his or her own condition in happiness. We provide diversified and engaging learning activities to inspire students to explore, discover, and interact with one another to cultivate children’s ability to be autonomous, self-reliant, self-learning, inspired and expressive, while fostering positive characteristics of perseverance, endurance and enthusiasm without fear of failure. Moreover, we help young children develop the ability to be competent and be able to easily adjust to primary school life before the completion of kindergarten. At the same time, we promote collaborative learning, joint creation, collective enjoyment, continuous efforts, and cooperative games as we encourage children to participate in various community activities and to be considerate and respectful of others.

The English program is a multi-comprehensive course which includes multiple components. Thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities enable students to become fluent English speakers. We use a rich variety of teaching methods and materials including music, dramatic play, physical education, and STEM activities to inspire students’ inquisitiveness as they grow to reach to their maximum potential. We utilize a partial immersion program, where each classroom has at least one English teacher and two Chinese teachers to teach cooperatively to ensure children have the opportunity to not only learn in a rich English environment but also maximizing student-teacher interactions. Our teachers meticulously monitor the strengths and weaknesses of each student and regularly assess the students' learning abilities so as to adjust our teaching methods to cater to each child’s needs, which provides children with the opportunity to establish interest in learning a second language and to build confidence and comfort in communicating with others. Our curriculum is introduced and taught systematically: moving on to the next level as the students' understanding is complete. Many lessons are structured with a one-to-one teacher to student ratio or are conducted in small group lessons so that English-learning is integrated into daily life. Moreover, our curriculum is enriched with multimedia teaching strategies that offer a differentiated approach for student learning. Our students are encouraged to learn not only academic skills but also life skills and computational thinking techniques. By decomposing problems, identifying variables involved using pattern recognition and abstraction, our students create algorithms that will enable them to be autonomous while simultaneously forming a solid foundation to adjust to primary school.

Our native-Mandarin teachers design and create age-appropriate learning materials and curriculum which caters specifically to the interests and needs of our students. Through stories, games, dramatic-play, and songs, students progressively learn through enriched activities that cultivate students’ interest in Mandarin. Students learn and use Mandarin in daily situations and are prepared to enter primary school with ease.