Founded in 1967, Kwan Chi Kindergarten was the predecessor of Luk Yeung Kindergarten and was located at 45 Tai Ho Road in Tsuen Wan. In 1984, Kwan Chi Kindergarten relocated to the second floor of Luk Yeung Galleria and subsequently changed its name to Luk Yeung Kindergarten.

Focusing on children’s holistic development, we fuse together aptitudes and values of virtuousness, intelligence, thoughtfulness, community, and compassion. Children learn to their fullest potential and become nurtured with the passion for lifelong learning as we facilitate a rich learning environment serving as a solid foundation that supports children to reach attainable goals, develop well-rounded personalities, and establish healthy bodies and minds.

Our Philosophy
The chief foundation of quality early childhood development requires quality education. Furthermore, we thoroughly understand the profound impact of education on children’s holistic development. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a dynamic, stimulating learning environment where children are inspired to learn through enriched interactions and differentiated, structured activities. We aspire to nurture children’s inquisitiveness, self-expression, and optimism as they are instilled with critical thinking skills, patience, and a passion for active learning. It is our mission to support children in their holistic development as they grow to learn to their maximum potential.